The Dobro was so cheep, I could not resist. I just opened the case to see it was a Dobro brand, paid the cash, and took it home i

 When looking it over, I saw the nut had been sloppily glued back on, and looked.. odd is a good word. Restringing it, the bone nut falls off, and what is underneath?

About 40/50 thou of JB Weld.

   Time to break out the router I think.


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You've got better router skills than me! I'd just go at it with a levelling file!

Came across this on a Gibson LP Jr. 10 or so years ago. Pulled the nut to this mess...

I did not realize what it was until after I went after it it with one of my expensive nut files. The file did not seem to be doing much, so I stopped and checked to see if the file teeth where getting clogged but discovered that I was shining the cutting edges of all of the teeth that came in contact with the slot mess. After figuring out I was ruining my file, I started picking at with dental tools and a makeshift chisel ground into an old file. It turned out to be a bit of cloth backed garnet sand paper!?####!? I'm thinking, why would any body do that but ran across it again over at the Unofficial Martin Forum just a few weeks later. One of the well know repairers that frequented the site actually endorsed the practice.

Well, I ruined a nut file because this landed on my bench and I did not know what it was. If you are currently doing this type of fix (?), please stop! If you need to shim a nut, LMI sells .020" thick bone shims or make one out of wood or plastic, make a new nut, please don't use rocks! Sorry if this was a bit rant-ish...

Ouch! Never seen that under a nut, but found sand paper and all sorts of weird stuff in saddle slots. Also neck shims on Fender electrics. This has been the first year I've fished a condom (still in its wrapper, thankfully) out of a guitar body, though.

You never know when you might need one.   :-)

If you got it cheap and that is the only problem - good on you

+1 on the file, or a sharp chisel



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