My wife sent me this link, thought I would share:

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Now those are some nice shop photos. Love the "Cee" clamps, so simple. Thanks for sharing Paul.

Old school! I like the lab coats.

Thanks. Great photos.

Crap ! They left out the "car chase scene" (that's the part where the frets are installed, for a geek like me)

I even made a bet with myself ("I bet when they show them fretting the neck, no "jaws" or arbor press will be in sight")

Also, whenever I see pics of shops, I try to see if they have specific tools from Stewmac, and I pretty much always do, but not this time.

I didn't even see a freakin' bottle of super glue !

Photo 15: I know the Spanish method attaches the top first. This photo seems to indicate the top is glued to the rims then the lining blocks are glued in. Is this to case? That'll save some time trueing the blocks.


Also, notice #24. Perhaps the caption would better read "Attacks the neck" (as it has been attached for a while)



Great information...I like the method of setting the braces then adding a special piece to support them. #10 reminds me of self when I was bending sides on the pipe of my ol' oil furnace...worked great !


All of the comments attached to the photos look like translations.

Great photos. I wish my shop was that clean. Thanks for sharing. Photo 11: I hope she didn't break a nail!


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