Hi guys,

Just a quick question: I'm trying to get the trussrodnut off to lightly lubricate it, but It seems like it's jammed. Just to be sure: yes, I'm turning it in the right direction. I obviously don't want to wreck it, does anybody has experience with this or can give me some advice?

Much appreciated!


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Heat the nut with a 60-watt soldering iron being careful not to touch finished wood or

Use a drop of penetrating catalyst and let it sit for a few hours. I make a saran wrap dam underneath the nut.

Some truss rod nuts are welded on and the shaft turns, but not Martins AFAIK.

Hi Robbie, thanks for your reply. Problem is that, to reach the nut, I have to go through the hole in the bracing and through a block of wood that's glued against the top (underneath the fingerboard extension. Because of this, I can't fit my soldering iron in there.

If you haven't done it, just loosening the strings may relieve enough tension to free the nut.  

If that isn't the ticket, try trussing the neck slightly to relieve the tension on the nut.  It may be so tight that it sticks.  Then remove the adjusting nut and lube per Frank's suggestion at:  

I think Dan Earliwine has a Trade Secrets piece on trussing the neck--Stew Mac web site.  Basically, put blocks on the accessible ends of the fretboard with a truss on the top, clamp to a caul underneath the middle so that the middle comes up and the tension is relieved.  Clamp slowly and with care to avoid cracking the neck and protect everything on the guitar with cork or other soft material.  I use an old 2 foot aluminum spirit level as a truss.


Thanks Larry. I did alread took the strings off, but the trussing sounds like a plan! Thanks for the advice.

If this is the newer two-way rod, I would think that the nut is welded on, check to make sure the neck is not bowing in the other direction when you turn the nut CCW.


Right!  It's a double action rod and the nut is not intended to come off.

If you have to use the longer style Martin truss rod wrench it's new enough to be a double action rod.


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