I have a set of No. 356 End Nippers that have worked flawlessly for a bunch of years. A while back I bought a lot of 'Luthier Tools' on Ebay that included a nearly new pair of No. 357 Nippers. I pulled them out to use them today, and they are stiff to work - as in very hard to open and close.  I am hoping some in-the-know toolie' can decipher this problem. A drop of Tri-Flow and working them for a while had no effect. After comparing the two; I did notice that the 356 has stamp lettering. 357 is printed. Has there been a ownership or quality change at Channel Locks? Forgery problems.... stupidity on my part? Any info, suggestion, rumors, or speculations are appreciated. Thanks.

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Yes that's a strange one.... I'm relieved everyone is safe. Bambi's mom's weighting a lot more than anyone would think.

I hit a deer at 3am in the morning driving back to college. Totaled by Datsun 510.  The rest of the night spent in a Faulknerian soap opera with local Samaritans.

Sorry to go completely off topic, but about that venison...  While watching my car smoking in a bent heap, the State Trooper smiled and asked me "do you want a ticket".  Well, not really. Do I have a choice? He laughed and said. "No, I mean for the deer".  I guess I'm new to the whole road kill hunting scene. I was in Los Angeles for twenty seven years. I'm currently in Southern Ohio. Still learning.

Thomas, you make me laugh!

 I spent the first part of my life in Northwest Arkansas but now in L.A. area. (Orange County)  I never hit a deer but I used to have a friend that never ate beef... He sure had a LOT of venison but that was because he drove down back roads at night with a big spot light. No tickets involved. 

I started a thread on buying new end nippers here: 

There's lots of good suggestions. It's lucky you're least it wasn't a moose.


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