Hi guys,

Any ideas how to make this go away :-)

The crack is only in the finish, but I am quite sure it goes all the way down to the wood. I am afraid to use CA since it will most likely stain the wood (ask me how I know..), making the repair stand out.

It is a 1979 Ovation 1618 12-string Glen Campell edition in perfect condition, except for this crack :-(


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Really best left alone. To make it "go away"; just put it the case and give it back. Personally, I avoid most Ovation repairs. Not from snobbery, but frustrating design flaws that waste a lot of time.

Well-said, Thomas.... "frustrating design flaws that waste a lot of time".  

Personally, Ovations would be for me easy to dismiss out-of-hand if they sounded bad.... but, dang it, most of 'em sound pretty good, hence the love/hate.  

Anyway, thanks for the succinct (and apt) phrasing! 


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