I have ordered from a local supplier a 3 ply (plastic) tortoiseshell pick guard blank, in order to form a new pick guard/scratch plate  for a fender mustang bass.

I would greatly appreciate any help and advice on the best tools for the job  and cutting & drilling methods etc. in order to avoid splitting the plastic and other hazards.

The job consists mainly of just forming the shape from the blank rectangle; there is then only one humbucker pickup hole to be made and nine small holes around the perimiter of the pick guard where the screws locate to the body

Any help on cutting, forming, and drilling this material would be GREATLY appreciated


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Looks good.

Very nice work, Brian.

That's a great looking instrument.

Great job Brian, Glad to have been some help to you.



Look's very nice Brian .Keep on trucking you can do it. Bill............


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