I live in Indianapolis and have a repair question regarding my Larrivee LV-03-12 guitar. My virtually unused guitar was hanging on a guitar hook installed by a family member. When I returned from vacation, I discovered to my chagrin that the hook had come out of the wall and my guitar had fallen on the laminate floor below. The accident created two problems with the bottom of the guitar. One pencil eraser sized hole, and on crack (please see attached photos).

Can anyone recommend a good luthier who could do the job well and complete it within the next month or two? I would be more than willing to ship if necessary. Also, could anyone please give me an idea of what to expect for the cost of the repair. I dearly love this guitar and am anxious to get it repaired.

Thanks so much for your help.


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Hey Matt.... the damage isn't really that big of a deal. All the pieces seem to be intact and the damage isn't that severe. Any competent repair-person should be able to have that back to you within 10 days, including the finish work. You'll probably always be able to see the remnants of the repair, but (like I tell folks) it's just a nice constant nudge to take better care next time:) Costs vary, but I can't see it running over $100
On a side note, those guitar hangers come with the plastic inserts that allow you to install ANYWHERE in the drywall. This is competely flawed in my opinion. My guitar hangers are 16" on center installed directly centered to the drywall stud.

Throw those plastic inserts away and get a stud finder to locate the stud behind the wall....

As a recovering finish carpenter, I would like to suggest a different way. A nicely finished 1x4 or similar, with a nicely routed edge, spanning and attached to the studs with long screws is a far better alternative to using drywall anchors. The standard guitar hooks may then be screwed into solid wood, and will not go anywhere unless the house shakes them off. I have had great success hanging a myriad of objects with this method, and it looks quite purposeful and elegant if done with wood as exotic as the instrument that hangs from it.
bummer right on the bottom one of the hardest places to fix bcause the arm dose not fit all the way in to the bottom
It is easily fixed pulling thin steel wire through tiny holes
to glue up a reinforcement veneer and at the same time
level out the damaged area.


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