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Another  challenging year is on its way - we here are seeing an increase in finish problems on new and near new instruments due to wood issues (shrinkage, poor strength, finish instability).  Maybe caused by the various shortages of quality wood and certainly by cost cutting attempts to produce at the lowest price point - but I guess that's sort of self evident.and the Asian Invasion of cheap good looking mass produced guitars down here is seeing the introduction of short life throwaways as the norm. 

But that doesn't stop the usual trust big brands from having a moment or two.  

"So the customer asked  if we could drop fill this minor finish crack on his Made in USA Tele"   (this is the second one of these I've seen lately).

Have a good 2020 all,


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 A little touch up and it will be just fine.  Try some nail polish  ;-)

Nothing like a Tele on "I Go to Pieces".

Around 1979/80 Fender was forced, by California,  to go to water based finishes. It wasn't pretty. Black guitars turned a terrible grey before the finish came off in pieces. Fender supplied new bodies rather than new instruments and the store where I worked had to transfer the guts and neck. I believe Fender paid about $20 for the transplant work. 

Happy New Year, indeed! Starting 2020 with a bang! Reminds me of the many Tacoma guitars that "molt" on a regular basis.

Rusty, I hope you are not adversely impacted by the wildfires. 

Thanks Mark and all, Anywhere in this stupid climate change denying country is at risk of destruction now and forever, but given that hometown Canberra got badly burnt a bit a few years ago we have been a little bit better prepared.  However, a lot of this is just luck and we've all got RSI from keeping our fingers crossed.   The air quality/particulates and dense smoke (visibility 100 meters) has nixed out spraying for a couple of weeks (maybe months) and wearing dust masks when out doors is the latest fashion look.  Personal  thanks to all the people who have called and the overseas people who have donated to assisting the people and animals who have lost everything here.   

Regards, Rusty.


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