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I am refretting an LP with a bound neck. I had to remove some material from the fretboard due to a twist/bend in the neck (with the clients approval of course). Now, the fret slots are not quite as deep as the tang on my fretwire. I do have a small (Hosco) saw that fits into the slots that I can use to clean out the old cr@p and though the tool is fine for that, it is not quite sharp enough to cut the slots deeper.

Is there a fretwire out there that has a slighly shorter tang? Need something high/wide and preferably 18% NS.


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You might want to nose-around the Jescar site to see what they're offering these days but, since you're doing a one-off refret, I suppose a guy could conjure up a suitable jig to hold the fretwire in place, upside down, and reduce the tang with a dremel (by a certain repeatable amount) on a consistent basis.   Once you've got a system down, it shouldn't take all that long.

How about the “partial fret saw” (not sure if that is the real name) to deepen the slots, as shown in this StewMac video. And the trick of using a small clamp to protect the binding is really nifty.

I've emailed a couple of companies I deal with to see what they have regarding shorter tanged wire. Heard nothing back yet. I may have to go the dremel route. I already have one of the small 'partial fret' type saws (by Hosco) and it's just not cutting the wood (or not sharp enough). I think I'm favouring filing/dremeling some material from the botom. Either way, it will be videoed (I video everything at Fret Friend)...

If you're interested, my YouTube channel is here: Fret Friend: Guitar Workshop

OK, I have a StewMAX account where I get free postage to the UK for a year for a good price: I've just ordered a pound of medium-high StewMac fret wire (18% NS) as it has a tang height of 1.52mm (0.28mm less than my regular wire). I also ordered the partial saw just in case. I've never used StewMac's own fretwire before but I'm sure it will be great. It was more cost effective to buy a pound (7 refrets) for £50 rather than 6 foot (£20) for one refret...

You'll find out yourself but I have a StewMac Partial saw and never have had a problem with sharpness. It's a nifty tool that I don't use often but is effective when I do use it.  Essential for bound fretboards and handy for just cleaning out slots.


Thanks Larry.

I think the Hosco (Japan) one I have has seen better days tbh. The Stewmac one will arrive in around 10 days so I will just have to be patient :)


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