We did a fret tang removal machine, it's properly overbuild but it really works quick and cut's very clean :)

Here you see the tungsten carbide cutting wheel

More pic's 

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that is fantastic!

Love it...  it's got a bit of "steampunk" vibe going on! 

Nice.  Good job.

10000 thanks guys :) more pics soon :) 

Fabulous, It looks great....... I just looked at an old coffee grinder under my bench and thought "how hard would it be". 

It's a huge time saver for me, the normal fret tang cutter is fine, but it leaves small burrs you then need to file off, the fret tang filer system gives a better result,but this thing is fast, and the fret is just as smooth as the fret tang filer..

I did not build this, I came up with the idea, is was build my boss's father, a retired machinest, he loves to build stuff :)

Think he did a bang up job :)

Best of luck with the coffee grinder ;) :)

He sure did. I imagine the specs and speed of the cutter are pretty crucial.

I wonder if we'll be seeing Frank's version soon...

Or in the Stew-Mac catalog someday... and for only $1,000 !

Would be honoured to see Frank Ford build something I came up with :) 

I don't really have plans or specs but can come up with all that if people are interested..


We have build and come up with a lot of machines.. I did a pickup magnetizer a few years back..

More info..


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