Hi, not really a question for luthiers, but here I go.

Does anyone struggle with GAS? You know, just ONE more guitar,

and I will be done buying them? I have been fighting GAS for

years, and have almost won. I am down to only 2 guitars now,

1 electric, and 1 acoustic. That is normal, but, I still am on guitar

websites often, 'just looking'.. Not sure how long I can last before

GAS strikes again.


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It's not just you.  The biggest closet in our house is the "guitar closet", and it's FILLED with guitars.  Fortunately, my wife and I perform as a duo as our second job, so I don't get a lot of grief.


But it's worse than just acquiring "good" guitars lately.  I've been stockpiling broken "project guitars" and cheap junkers because I've made up my mind to learn how to be a legit luthier, not just a garden variety guitar tech.


I keep telling my wife that she can have the best one after they're fixed, but she's getting impatient....

We have 10 guitars in the house, and I am building another in the shed at the moment.  A few nights ago I was "just looking" on E-Bay and saw a lovely little parlor guitar (I don't have one of those!) with no bids on it, located in a nearby town, good price, and 4 minutes to go in the auction.  I had not intended to buy anything, but I compulsively placed a bid - and a few moments later I was the owner of 11 guitars. I literally didn't even give it 5 minutes thought.  Afterwards I couldn't believe I had done it - and I still haven't gone to pick the thing up.  My wife doesn't know about it yet.  It didn't cost a fortune -  but I have been kicking myself ever since.  My name is Mark and I have G.A.S.  Please help me brothers.......... 


Does anyone want to buy a nice little all mahogany Parlor?

"Does anyone struggle with GAS?"

Since I was 13 Arthur and I'll be 60 in November. (:

There's no need to rationalize it.  As every guitar has a different feel & timbre, each guitar inspires the player to think, hear & play a bit differently. That's what creates music and propels ideas. Different instruments are also valuable for their ability to make the player break out of a creative block.  I guess you might say GAS has therapeutic value too. 

As long as they're being played, GAS is a good thing.  My personal POV is that it's only a musical 'sin' when folks buy guitars as investments or trophies and just 'store them' while waiting for them to appreciate in value or until their friends come by to "drool" over them. Those folks are akin to hoarders.

Surrender to the GAS Arthur.  It's actually good for you.

Have fun buddy (-:

We should start a thread called "G.A.S. Pains!".  Does it just have to be guitars?

I have 8 1/2 guitars, 4 or which are functional.The half is the a perfect neck/fingerboard from an old Martin d12-20.

There rest are in various states of repair.


The catch for me is that I also have 4 mandolins, only one of which is playable. I (still) have 3 ukuleles and a tenor banjo that I sometime play but I'm  actually waiting to restore.

Yes, Ebay is a regular stop in my browsing. I justify it by telling myself that I just don't want to get too behind on the listings so it is easy to keep up. I don't actually buy much there since I can't see them personally until after the purchase but I did, recently, purchase an old, no name, parlor that was local. It's interesting and I can't wait to get into it since it turned up with an period correct set of mandolin heads installed but a later belly bridge and a "bridge plate" that more a block of wood that anything else. I'm dying to pull the bridge and plate to see if there are signs of 8 string holes but I am determined to finished at least one of the other projects before I start this one.


(Raising my right hand) I'm a (G.A.S.) man... but I can change... If I have to. Amen. 

 Last year in April, I was in my hometown Winnipeg for a visit. On my last afternoon there, I went to my Facebook Friend Marcel Desilet's house for a jam. I had never actually met him before either. Anyway, at the end of the visit, about a half hour before I was to leave 'Peg, he handed me his main guitar. It is a '32 Kay Kraft two point mahogany guitar. I hit a few chords, looked at him, hit a few more chords.... Then he said "John Sharples at Sled Dog Music has one for sale right now."

  I left at 10 the next morning with my new guitar, and as of last week, now has another 13 of them.  

They came in Mahogany, maple and rosewood, both in 12 fret and 14 fret, and there are mandolins, mandolas, mandocellos, and tenors too. I want to get all of them...

 I will tell you now that if I wasn't a repair person, I would not be able to do this. They are truly 'flawed beauties' and the list of stuff wrong with each and every one of them is long.....

 GAS indeed..... 



Here is the rarest one yet, a mandola. My research is saying that this one is the only one has been sold in North America in the  last ten years.

I have one of the mandolins.  It's in the process of getting a neck reset right now but should be up soon. It will never compete with a Gibson but it's fun and I think the shape is beautiful. I too drool over the guitars when I see them but I haven't worked up the courage to spring for one... yet. 

Ned, I host Facebook's Kay Kraft Guitar page. Dozens of articles (and hundreds of pics)  there on all the many repairs these things need.   Sorry to hijack the thread...


I have a tenner  kay kraft got it about 40 years ago It was in good shape then but since has acquired a top crack. I built my first violin when I was 15 years old I am now 81 and the gass thing is still alive and well?  No problem with my wife. I only bought good shape ones to start with and when I got into repairing, well it has gotten worse! The last repair was a 1880 total destroyed but all the parts plus a coffin case to work on next. I have a double neck Washburn in the same shape . I think I could have made more money on all them is I just sold them first as the last restoration cost was free And 300 hrs later it looks almost like new!  I will never sell it and make any money! One of my best finds is a 1936 d 28 martin In a card board box and after restoring 30 years ago it is worth to much so I hide it and wont play it! I have a cabinet shop and then rented the building next door and moved all to one corner and when people saw my collection it started to grow!   I now have retired and went full time for my guitars mandolins violins. Most are playable but I wont sell any! And now for the last 25 years a music store. Sorry guys it never gets better.  Three years ago my wife died and interments have taken over.  Maybe a girl friend might be the answer,  What do you think? Any one want to buy a music store that makes no money or just inventory.  Help 


from GUITARELIC inAlberta: I believe the complete description of this condition is: OCGAS( OBSESSIVE/COMPULSIVE GUITAR ACQUISITION SYNDROME) and coma or actual demise seem to be the only cure.

Marriage can also be an effective way to supress this condition.

Tom, speaking for myself, there is a good reason I am single......


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