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They never had any
Still trying to wrap my head around it. Perhaps Fender should consider issuing a "Slash" inspired model to make the issue just a little bit more surreal....

Too many guitars, not enough players.........
Before we go any further with this I suspect this is going to degenerate into a slanging match of kid-like proportions - I humbly say that I think this thread is outside the bailiwick and scope of this forum and better left for others, but, I defer to the mediator either way. Rusty.
Rusty, yer right in a strict applications of rules but also would have been the recent numbered lists of customer foibles, foolishness, and actions. Now it that same list had been turned into how do I deal with each of these then it would have met the guidelines. But I think we got the point as is. So it's a "slippery slope" to editing out intersting stuff that's now perzactly on topic ("I know pornography when I see it"). And one of the friendlier affects of BBS systems I've found it creation of a "communication community" that wind up e-mailing each other outside the board.
Another thing that affects this is the amount of traffic and if this was a high traffic rapidly changing area then "hear's a funny 'un" posts would be more distracting. But we're quite bucholic IMHO and these posts lighten up the flow while still being informative. I've been on other forums that were really rapid - wher you'd post and come back 4 hours later and havfe 18-20 replies. Most of these had a sub section created for "bench humor" etc. and I'm sure that this could be done here for more trouble to Mr. Ford - thus I don't suggest it. If thing get crazier maybe but with the currnet level of interest I don't mind an occasional bit of buffoonery. Especially as it realated to output from major manufacturere that I might wind up encountering in the future - I'd hate to have one of these have come in without being warned either here or elsewere
Yep, Bob, I was in a cautious mood when I wrote my last, I have seen too much bad behavior and emotive expostulations other places to be otherwize. But, I suspect we are a different breed on this laid back and easy going affair that young Frank has created for us and concede that it is unlikely that any blood will be spilled here - sorry, I may have been a little too emphatic. R.
what integrity???
I thought Jimmy H was a south paw-- I can understand Fender coming up with something like that but NOT Gibson.
I presently own 5 acoustic guitars that for all intents and purposes are "Martin" designs and only one is an actual Martin. So what?

I agree with Rusty. This isn't our usually bailiwick.

If you don't like the subject. Please just pass. I felt it was unusual enough for a comment. I have faith in everyone here that this little thread won't lead to chaos in the streets. Frank, please delete if you feel it's unworthy or out of place.
I work for Long & McQuade Music, which is part of the company Yorkville, who are Gibson Canada. I suspect I'll be seeing one of these on my bench, sooner than later. Can't wait to see what kind of Voodoo Chile they have created.
Hi guys,
I chimed in with Rusty after reading the linked article which just doesn't seem humorous to me.

Thanks, Rob, for trying to explain it but it seems like brand bashing and it just isn't funny to me. I'll take Tommy Kay's advice and give the thread a pass. I've felt the need to do that in other forums and I suppose it's inevitable at some point, but this is the first time I've felt the need to do this here.

This is simply too much. Eventually, we all reach a point as individuals when the decision to cease and desist a poorly derived project, usually because the return on investment of time, energy and money deem it an ego driven waste of time. Reason takes over, and we re-align to the common sense with which we began.
When are the people in charge of these things going to smarten up and quit trying to sell us on junk based on greedily conceived emotional concepts?
I acquired a new Les Paul last winter, having owned only Fenders and otherwise odd ball customs before, and the clerk at Guitar Center would not stop trying to steer me toward the Robot Les Paul. I had to get the kid's manager to tell him to back off.
We know what we want. It is the great unenlightened who will have to suffer in ignorance and their pocketbook for Gibson's ridiculous marketing. Orville must be rolling over in his grave.


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