Hi: I'm going to buy  a quality airbrush for finish touch-up(I've rebound an old Gibson, need to spray well-defined lines of nitro, 1/8" tp 1/4" wide). 

Anyone else using an airbrush for this type of repair, and can recommend a suitable brush? The choices are slightly bewildering.


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I recently got an Iwata Revolution airbrush for real precise work [my workhorse DeVilbiss EGA touchup gun still going strong...]. It's a joy to use- I go around looking for little things to paint with it.

Greg, I have been looking at the Iwatas: does the Revolution have the MAC and 'pre-set' controls?

No, it's just a beautifully made gravity feed double action brush. 0.5mm nozzle handles lacquer and stains just fine. It was about $100.

I have a Paasche VL that would do that well if the -1 tip and needle were installed. You can pick them up off ebay for $30-$50.

Great info, thanks for your replies.

If you are just touching up replaced binding I’d use an artists brush to apply finish, no masking off, simple. Once dried then you can buff and be done.


I ended up buying a Preval vFan airbrush, on the suggestion of a friend & fellow luthier(because it comes with two different aircaps, a regular, and a fancap). It will enable me  to to do sunbursts, as well as the fine line for binding. It seems to work well, although not as smooth(I think) or finely made as an Iwata.

The Iwata feature I would have liked- I may still buy one- is the 'pre-set' control, which allows one to limit the trigger pull(on the dual action), to consistently repeat the flow of finish. This feature would have been an asset.


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