It's Turkey Day/Thanksgiving today here in the states and I wanted to wish everyone a great day and lots of yummy stuff to eat too.

One of the traditions associated with this holiday for some, not all...., is to listen to Arlo and the following:


And oh yeah.... be sure to avoid that group W bench too....;)

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You can get anything you want at Alices restaurant--  if you remember the original tune and when it came to be then you are showing your age  --

Peace and happy bird day to everyone

We have a Turkey Day over here as well Hesh - happens every three years of so when we get to vote.  All jokes aside, enjoy yr day and friends and family.  

When I was very young fresh faced military aviator I hitched a ride in the back of an open truck back to the airfield at Diego Garcia from the accomodation with a bunch of CB's who worked from sunup to sundown on 8000 calories a day.   They were of such size and "motherly" looking  that, no kidding, my mind immediately jolted back the "W-Bench" and Alice's Restaurant,  .....I haven't listened to this song since i don't know when Hesh, and thanks for the memories on this one. R.

Happy Turkey Day!!! Can't wait to get stuffed.

Well, we're going to eat a bit early this  year, and I can just smell that bird cooking in the kitchen.

Hope everybody has a good 'un today. . .

Should never have left that envelope at the bottom of that ton of garbage. dang. Happy Birdday to all.

Am I the only one that went out and bought yet another guitar this morning, via Craigslist? (Harmony Sovereign, for $50.)

Happy Thanksgiving all!


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