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I guess they don't have any glue over there...kind of Steam Punk looking.

Definitely one for the archives.

Looks like some sorta submarine bulkhead. prolly won't get through airport security ether.

You gonna lift the manhole cover and look down in there? 

But it does have a G-bender.

Yep, that oughta hold her down, eh! Beauty!

And thus is answered the question: "Can you put heavy steel strings on a classical guitar?" Answer being "...with enough bolts and a stiff steel plate."  

Add a pick up and you might have something there!  tw

I can imagine the Craigslist ad description for this: "Guitar. Plays but missing one string."

So now we know that Ironman lives in Italy and plays guitar. Looks like a weapon to me :)

Now we know what Trigger will look like when the top finally goes...

just horrid -yet awesome in its horridness

Obviously the evolutionary missing link between a Resonator and a real Guitar.......

I love the subtlety of the cap head allen bolts counterpointing the countersunk ones - a beautiful yet discrete design feature coupled with the use of the fixed tuning original Floyd Rose locking bridge and punk rock sensibilities subscribed by the Gaffa Tape strap holding enpin system and beautifully aged natural steel plate finish.  Wonderful work worthy of the aforementioned adoration......That's what it would sound like on Ebay, anyway.



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