I need someone to make a few oversized MartinPyramid bridges for me...

 I need two ( one would do for now)  15% oversized ebony pyramid bridge , with no pin holes or saddle slot cut. 

 I imagine there are several folks here that could do the work. I have another Oahu K71 square neck conversion at Jake Wildwood's shop, and he is unable to make it, as I am also at this time. 

 Thanks Folks! 

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Bump to the top. Jake Wildwood is starting ask if I can find someone to do this. 

Hi Kerry,

I don't know if this helps, but TJ Thompson makes repro bridges and I am pretty certain they are CNC'd. So it may not be a big deal to change the dimensions.

I could make a couple if you want. Let me know.



Jim, are you on Facebook? Please send me a message there or Email me at 

I sent an email but it didn’t go through.

My email is,



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