I've got another Gibson J-45 that the finish on the headstock has completely peeled off. The customer used some cleaning agent (which he can't remember what it was), and it destroyed the top coats. I've taken the remaining flakes off the headstock and am ready to spray black over it. It has the pearl Gibson logo and diamond in the middle. After I spray the black, I need to scrape the lacquer off the inlays. I was hoping some of you could post pics of the inlay scraping tools you use to do this job, as I'm going to have to make some. Thanks ahead of time for your input.

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Just thought I'd show everyone the finished headstock repair, all refinished, polished and strung up. The customer was more than happy. Thanks for everyone's help.
Nice job Jeff-- I aplaud you ('''Y Y''')
What an excellent job. Thanks for both the Before and after shots.
Very excellent work Jeff.  Kudos (:
better than the original.........
Thanks for everyone's comments. I worked really hard on this one!

I realize the OP has long ago solved his inlay question, but as this is the number one Google return, when searching for answers to this question. I thought I would share my method (now that I've seen for myself that it works)...

I blackened a small batch of hide glue with powdered charcoal pencil (scraped against a file). First, I glued the logo in place (to ensure it is properly positioned, before covering it in an opaque layer of glue, where anything could be happening). Then, I flowed blackened glue into the route that surrounded the inlay. 

Once the glue was dry, I scraped and sanded, to reveal a fresh layer of MOP.

Then, rather than paint the holly black... I stained it black, wiped the MOP clean (stain doesn't penetrate the MOP), waited for the stain to dry and sprayed clear over the whole face.

This may not work with all wood, or all colors, but for black on holly (like the OP's Gibby) I would venture to say, this is the easiest method by far.


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