I need to have a few made.

I need a  few 30s Oahu oval ones,  and possibly some of the larger 30s gold KayKraft Indian Head decals also. These will obviously be a bit of trouble... 

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I don't know of any music industry specialists but from my other hobby, model trains, Cedarleaf Custom Decals may be able to help.  520.831-3390;  

I'd be interested in what you find out.


I remember seeing that MicroMark has a "do-it-yourself" kit where you can make custom decals with your inkjet printer. Never have used it myself so can't vouch for the quality, etc, but they've had it available for at least a few years now.

There’s limitations on inkjet decal printing, including printing white.  Water slide stock can be had in white but if a white image on clear background is needed, it’s a problem. An ALPS printer can do white but new ones haven’t been available for years, at least in the US. Most of the custom printers use ALPS printers. 

Thanks you two. I will look into both suggestions. 

I have been VERY happy with the decals that Josh Muma at Bedlam Creations has made for me. He was able to use a pdf of an actual photograph that turned out very grainy when magnified and using his magic turned it into decals that are beautiful.

+1 for Bedlam.  They charge one fee for a page full, so you can print anything that fits on the page - one big one, or any combination of small, medium large.  Look great under a few cots of finish



You know you can buy decal sheets and print your own. 

i can second for bedlam creations but i would also like to add scary creative. scary creative required a bit more of a minimum order but the end product was way easier to use and more stable!

Look up Gus Salmon decals. He has made several for me. Very easy to work with. 


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