Has any one out there used the gold fret wire by these people and if so what did you think of it? And how did it stand up to ware?. I had a coustomer asking for it to-day and had never heard of it befor.Bill........

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Jescar is pretty much the only wire I use these days. Their gold colored EVO wire is great in my experience. Harder than nickel, not quite so hard as stainless.

I gave it a try, and it's a good fretwire. No problem to work on it, just harderthan 18% Nickel fretwire.

+1 for what David Collins said.


Last night I had a client in with a guitar that I built with the Jescar EVO fret wire - the gold colored stuff.


My client is a semi-pro musician who plays out frequently and plays his guitar 2+ hours daily.  He has had this guitar for over two years and as of last night we estimated that he has played this wire for nearly 2,000 hours. 


I can see some abrasions on the frets but can not feel any divots yet and this gutiar really would not even benefit from a fret dress since the wear on the frets is so very minimal.


It's great stuff, my client is very happy with it too in terms of feel and no perceived difference in tone over nickle.  Note I said "perceived" but that is food for yet another discussion.


One additional thing to note about Jescar.  As a builder of guitars too one of the "best practices" that builders may employ is to slightly bevel the sides of the fret slots so that where the underside of the fret wire has the tang meet the bottom of the fret if this is not a perfect right angle frets won't seat all of the way. 


In my experience this step, beveling the fret slots, is not as important with Jescar because the shape of the wire on the underside is more uniform and precise than other wires that I have used.


In short I like the stuff and it's my first choice on both new guitars and refrets.  The EVO wire although harder than nickle as David said won't ruin nippers like stainless might.

 I want to thank each one of you guys David Pierre & Hesh for taking the time to answer my questions about this gold fret wire  .I was concerned that it might be soft.The ownly thing  i don't like is you have to buy a pound of it. And I already have 5 pounds of different wire now. Thanks for now Bill..............

CB Gitty sells Single neck sets of the EVO wire at quite reasonable prices

I've used it quite a bit and have found it to outlast stainless. It's so much easier to work with than nickel that I'd use it for everything if it came in all the right sizes. I have a page about available fretwires here that might help you a bit. 

That is a really informative page, Paul.

Well as before  Paul  when any one asks a question  you do your very best to answer there question and concerns. I appreciate your time . YOU ARE A GEM  thanks. Bill............. 

I went EVO gold a few yrs ago and don't intend to use anything else!Good lookin' and easy to work with....

i use a few sizes of jescar, they're just down the pike aways from me, good stuff.  only recently tried the gold evo at the bequest of a customer.  good stuff, quite hard, just has been taking me a while to accept that dang gaudy gold color!

I have a roll of brass fret wire.  It is gold coler



brass is waaaay too soft for frets - at least for me, would never use that metal!


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