I have been searching ebay for some time. I am short 1 bridge pin to finish an older ukulele project. I understand that I could order a new set, but I am hoping to find one similar to the other 3 originals. If anyone has something like the one pictured, I would be happy to send a paypal payment for shipping and the asking price. If anyone has time to check, please let me know.

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Sorry, Matt. I looked through my stuff and don't have anything close except a complete set which I need for a project. All my old spares are plastic. 

hmmm.....this sounds like the perfect excuse to pop for a new little mini-lathe!  

Thanks Mike. This is quite possibly the neatest tool I have seen in a while. I think before I head in this direction I will try my hand at whittling one.

I checked my drawer as well. No match.

Thanks Ned and Thomas, Hope I didn't take up too much of your time. I really appreciate it.

Matt, none in my stash matched.  If you have a lathe, this shouldn't be too hard to duplicate.  I remember  coming up with some fairly close matches using an electric drill and some small files  What is the diameter of the MOP inlay?


used to have 6 of these on my Martin but they had been modified for reasons unknown so I threw them away...I was not the modifier..make one or save the 5 and get a new set ...that pic is worth a thousand MOP inlaid BP's !oh


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