Has anyone used a mechanic's stethoscope for locating buzzes and resonances?  Seems like it would be handy if one had three hands (yuk yuk).

Powerbuilt 640582 Mechanic's Stethoscope

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I have a violin repairer pal who used a stethoscope to diagnose a persistent cello buzz.  After an incredible chase, he finally located the problem - termites had dug tiny holes in the scroll up through the peg box, and there were some bits rattling around in there.

I tried one, but haven't found it useful - yet.

That's a great story. I'd love to have seen the owner's incredulous expression when he was informed.

I think I'll order one since they're cheap and report back. Might at least be educational.

I do keep a stethoscope at my bench which I've played with quite a bit. While I've yet to find any real use for it in diagnostics yet, it does seem to instill confidence with clients if I put it on as I hear them coming up the stairs (lab coats are a nice touch too).

I miss the "like" knob.

Maybe a Groucho nose or "X ray" glasses would take edge off the lab coat / stethoscope combo. 

You guys are just teasing the nerd!


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