This was posted to comments on "My Page"

I suspect that others are getting this spam as well.
GREETINGS FROM Lillian.............................
My name is miss Lillian viewing and going through your profile address
today has made me to became intrested in you,i will also like to know
you more,and i want you to send an email to my email address so that i
can send you my picture, for you to know and see whom i am.
Here is my email address( believe we can move from here!
I am waiting for your mail to my email address above.
(Remeber the distance or colour does not matter but love matters alot in life)

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Got the same thing. Was just trying to figure out how to report it when I logged on and saw this thread at the top of the page. Obviously spam.
Oh, no! I thought that I have found the love at last!!
Me too........kinda lame they can spam us through here.
In April I got this on my home page:
Hello Dear,
How are you doing over there?I hope that you are feeling so fine and healthy. My name is ednacia . from Senegal. I am a young pretty single girl. I saw your profile and your profiles talk good about you,that is why i decide to write you to get acquianted with you,since tribe,distance and age doesn;t matter to me.I will like you to write me via my email address,so that i will be able to write you and send you my picture for you to see how i look like.Here is my email, (
Thanks and wait to see your quick reply.
please contact me on my private mail (

I never mentioned it on the forum, as spamming is so normal these days, but it does make me wonder what they think they're going to achieve spamming a lot of old wood dogs like us :-)

Btw Paul, what does she look like? Lol.......

I'm crushed. And she's really going to miss out because I'm about to be filthy rich. You see, I just provided assistance to the Prince of Moobamboo in freeing up some funds for him, and should be in receipt of $2.7 million any day
Yeah, if I'd helped all the people who sent me mails offering a share of the money they wanted to get out of the country, and cashed all the lottery cheques I've allegedly won, I'd be richer than Bill Gates, lol.
But I'm stubborn and wanted to do it the hard way, so I became a Luthier, ho, ho.......

Strange thing is I got it in my mail again as a response and it sent an e-mail out from my address to heres automaticlly!!, it got returned, so be carefull not sure why that happened to me.
Okay I just googled it. Its all over the net, not sure how it took over my computer, but be carefull.
Ha! Click on the 'members' tab.
Boys, I'm so unhappy! I received the message from Lillian just today.... my heart took a breath.... love was knocking at my door.... but now I discover that I've been just her last choice... what a sad thing for an Italian man.. ahahahahaha!!!!!!
Well I didn't receive this message. I'm quite jealous guys.
I got it too. How do I remove it from my profile?


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