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Ozone Generators are also available in the aquarium trade. They are used to purify the tank water.  Isn't there a hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica that's part of the global warming problem? 

I bought my ozone generator to deal with smoke damage in a house I bought. The tradesmen wanted $800 minimum to blast the attic so I bought one for $300, closed up the eaves, and let it run for a month. Problem solved. Now it's just another useless thing awaiting re-purposing or a craigslist purge. This is not my exact model but similar. You would need to hook a shopvac tube to the outlet somehow to vent into a sound hole.

I don't know how much output the aquarium trade generators make but they are around the $300 mark in price and they have connections for small tubing. one of these may work if the subject was bagged with a small vent so you're not just inflating a balloon.


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