I have been trying to get this product in Denmark.. But looks like it's a lost course, anybody got any ideas how to get someone to send it I am willig to pay whatever it costs!

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You might be able to use a re-shipping agent like

And there are other companies that offer a similar service.  Basically they provide a US address that you use when buying the product online, and then they forward it to you in Denmark, or wherever.  I have used it to buy from US companies that do not ship goods overseas.  They are fairly cheap, and very efficient.  However, if it is a flammable product it is likely to be illegal to ship by air.  You might be able to send it by sea.  But it might turn out to be a product that you just can't transport out of the US easily.  You would need to contact Mohawk, or shipito, to find out the rules for this substance. 

They have a distributor in Poland. Might be worth checking with them?


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