Need to find a good nickel plating service, for vintage parts

Does anyone know of one, who will do small quantities? I have a '34 Epiphone archtop project: the original tailpiece has lost all of it's nickel plating, I'd like to have it redone. Also, I'm having a quantity of Epi-size bridge adjusting wheels made up, in brass, I'd like to get those plated too. I'm in Vermont, but I can ship...


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hi Dave,

I'm not from where you are but I do get nickel and chrome done  done from time to time.  Any chrome plating/electroplater will do this - small quantities don't matter in the process.  The car restorers and customisers do this stuff all the time,   Nickel over copper is the process which is the same as chrome over copper and vintage of satin nickel is also easy enough.   r.

I've uses a motorcycle plater here in Atlanta. The bike crowd does a lot of custom work. Wasn't terribly expensive. Call a bike shop a call that does customizations.

Thanks for the replies and suggestions, I'll pursue those.

I believe both Nashville Plating Service and Advanced Plating in Nashville regularly do vintage instrument parts as well as production work, including hotrod auto, etc.  They take work by shipment.    I've used Advanced and their prices and turnaround were reasonable.

Frank, thanks, that's just what I'm looking for.



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