Hi guys , My customer has a paisley front tele bass from 1968 . Rare ! But the paisley overlay is cracking and lifting a little . Does anyone have experience of a repair for this ? I'm thinking of injecting epoxy or C.A. into the cracks then clamping down with a waxed plexi caul . Thanks .

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From the net: "In 1968 and 1969, Fender produced the Telecaster (and Telecaster Bass) with a set of floral finishes. These were actually applied by coating the guitar in wallpaper and covering it in clear coat with a sunburst-like fade."

So no one has tried reglueing the paisley ?

Try using wallpaper paste, Len (;
Seriously though, you should also post your question on some dedicated Fender forums.
As a historical note, the lifting of the cosmetic paisley paper began as soon as they were delivered to dealers. That was a driving factor in that finish only being offered for a couple/few years.
If anyone has the definitive answer, my money would be on Rusty Vance.
May you have great success with this repair and take care.

thanks Paul , your input is always very enlightening . I will experiment and post my results for posterity .

I used Titebond...First , I used some diluted with a bit of water....Then I followed with full strength...Used a suction cup tp work the glue in everywhere...Clamped with waxed plexi...So far , it's held up for 6 years..


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