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Professionals: what paperwork do you hand to a customer on completion of their instrument? I've a pre-printed form on which I scribble a rough summary of the work done. Received a guitar today and the chap offered to show me the sheet from the previous repair shop and now I wonder if I'm failing badly in my documentation...

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Looks like someone's having more fun making complicated charts than they are fixing guitars!

There's more: a couple of full-colour, professionally-printed pamphlets in a glossy card wallet.

I think I've been asked a handful of times to provide actual measurements before. Get a bit nervous when people start talking numbers...

I provide a paper with all measurements before and after setup. It also has a check list with all work done.

My customers seems to appreciate it and as a benefit, it gives me a detailed archive of all guitars I have worked on.

I have had a couple of customers returning with a claim that the guitar suddenly doesn't play well anymore. I could then pull out the paper on their specific guitar and show them that they must have messed with the setup (altering action, intonation, etc..). Suddenly, they could remember that they might have changed something... :-)


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