How loud is a K and K Mini with say, only a 6 foot chord, compared to a Humbucking pickup with both being plugged straight into an amp?

Is it like 15% of a Humbucker's  volume? 30% maybe?  

Sorry, I am in a deep online discussion about this exact thing, and I have no clue the answer.

The argument is actually about lack of preamps and Piezos, use

 Thanks for any help. Frets Folks

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Id say about 30% but haven't actually done an A/B , also K&k don't really need a preamp.

I haven’t tested for comparison, but they’re pretty loud.  If I had to guess, I’d say they’re almost as loud as a passive humbucker. 

I’ve played my mandolin with k&k twin and an arch top with a humbucker (Lollar Johnny Smith) through a Red Eye Twin preamp/DI and they have comparable output with similar gain settings. Output went directly to the PA. I’ve also played each of them directly through my Henriksen Bud amp with pretty much the same comparative result.  The mando works fine directly to the PA with just a DI to match impedence. The archtop does have volume and tone controls so that may skew things somewhat. 


Forgot to mention That I also play a Flamenco with k&k classical mini directly through through the amp with no significant tweaks except some eq, compared to the others. Output just doesn’t seem to be a problem with any of them. Same with a flattop that has a Baggs Anthem which includes a preamp and battery power. 



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