Is anyone besides me having issue with the "Edit" function?  When I try to edit my replies, within the allocated time limit, it simply doesn't work. It takes me to a new "Reply" window and doesn't bring up my recently posted response for editing.

Also, it won't allow me to delete my post once it's been added.

If I'm the lone ranger with this problem, I'll have to further diagnose my laptop's settings.



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No problems here, Paul.

Thanks much Ned (-:

Changing my hat to: computer tech.  I assure you that it's nowhere as rewarding as working on guitars(-:

Paul, please don't let the response by the newbee on the other thread put you off the Forum here. I find it amazing that folks just jump on and off Forums like this, and do no research as to who is actually answering them.   I think it is WAY more common now than 6-7 years ago thanks to the lax rules on Mandolincafe, were if you happen to have once owned a musical instrument, you can feel free to give Expert Advice in the repair section right beside the biggest guns like  Big Joe and Frank Ford. It makes everyone's asking for advice experience a much more fluffy thing. 

You are at the top of the 'most respected posters/repair people' here at Franks place, and I always appreciate you popping in on any conversation and giving your advice. Way to build this Forum Paul! Please keep it up!

Thanks Kerry(:

I'm not leaving the forum.  I've just decided to restrain myself and discontinue replying to posts about current Gibson quality issues.  I realize that there's no getting through to hard core brand loyalists.

Although, I may change my mind if we ever get a post griping bout a Firebird X or a Robot LP.  That would definitely be too difficult to resist.

Thanks too for your kind words.  I consider myself an extremely tiny fish in a very large pond and have unyielding respect & appreciation for the contributing members of the forum.

Every visit to the form allows me to learn something new; think in ways I've never thought and replace some of my primitive processes with someone else's MUCH better ideas and methods. It's a never ending education.  I love it(-:

Thanks again & take care,


I have had posting editing/issues like that come and go on this site. Not sure it's on your end.

Thanks Tom.

The edit button worked for me once yesterday, so I know whatcha mean. I think it's an "It is what it is" issue.

No real complaints from me as the benefit of this superb "free' forum far surpasses putting up with a minor inconvenience once in a while.  I'll just compose, edit & preview my responses off line & then paste the text from now on.

Thanks again & have a great day Tom (-:

Paul et al' , this is a NING Forum, and as such there are many many problems with the design/execution. If you want to see NING in all it's horridly programmed glory, go to the 'Flatpicking Guitar' site and have a look. Don't ask to join though, unless you REALLY like SPAM! The list of stuff that you are NOT allowed to do on that site is amazingly long, and the 'backdoors' that the original programmers put in so they could sneak around are well known now. Every member gets SPAMMED several times a year..  

Yeah, spammers can be a problem.  I recently added some test questions to the membership signup, and just about half of those who try to join are obvious, so I delete them immediately.  By the way, I set up this forum on NING because I had a pal who worked there, less than a mile from where I live in Palo Alto.  WIthout her prodding, I wouldn't have got it going.

Frank, I am glad this Forum is up (as are hundreds of others). This Ning site has only a few of the glitches found on the Flatpickers site, mostly I think, because you are on this site everyday, whereas the Flatpicker site has an absentee landlord that only checks in when complaints are sent his way.

  There are still small irritants here (no getting notification for a year when personal messages are sent for example) but on the plus side you never ask us to help pay for bandwidth. This site must cost $ though.

Should we be sending some cash your way Frank?

Kerry -  Thanks for the note about not receiving any spam from  this site.  Unfortunately, I managed to hit the wrong button and deleted it by accident. . .


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