I'm fixing a mid 60s Epiphone Cortez that has a bunch of cracks in the back and top.  Using steam, I removed the old label so it would not get damaged while repairing the guitar.  I also needed to re-glue the center-strip on the back, so the label had to come out.  Anyway, taking the label out was sort of a success in that it came out, but it did tear and it is quite delicate.

As I near completing the repairs, I'm thinking about the best way to re-attach the label.   Since the label is nearly torn in half, I'm thinking about maybe gluing it to another sheet of paper before re-attaching it to the guitar.  Maybe this is overkill?

Either with a backer or not, is there a recommended glue for this job?



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You may have a better chance of realigning the edges outside the guitar. If you use a backer, make sure it is acid-free.

I have used double sided tape with great success on several occasions of reattaching labels. I use the pickguard adhesive sheets that stew-mac sells. It has worked great, added stability to delicate labels and I haven't had one come loose yet. I believe I read a thread about Frank Ford using gelatin to affix repair labels to guitars as well, I don't know if that would be the right move for you, but just wanted to pass that along as well.

contact cement perhaps?  it's not wet enough to hurt the label, and yea, i think a very thin backing on the label would be ideal. 

As usually, the Wizard of Frets has paved (glued?) the way here. It worked pretty well for me.

I usually put repair labels on the underside of the top plate.  They are out of the way and not generally visible.  But I reverse the label -the font and printing are backwards.  That way, when someone looks inside with an inspection mirror, the printing is right way around.   Simple to do when you use a computer to print the label.  


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