Thanks to those who reported this!  I've dumped that spammer, and all the comments should have been automatically deleted.

Ning says they're doing their best to stay ahead of these attacks, but it seems the occasional one still gets through.

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I just got an email that angel sent . Wanted me to email back. Sounded mighty fishy. Think I'll pass. Thanks, David
I just googled angel desmond. Looks like a busy person.
This Angel Desmond sent me an email but I went to FRETS.NET to check on my profile comments. What is with this person and what is he up to?
Bar him! Most of those people come from FACEBOOK!
I got one too.
I was hoping Angel was as cute as that Nigerian princess who wanted me to hold her nations gozillion dollars in my bank account.
Yeah, i got an email saying he had left a comment on my profile. Said he wanted to "get to know me better". Sounded like a really bad pickup line some drunk would give a gal in a bar. Emails like that just get deleted. I did go to my profile (not using the link in the email)and look for the comment so I could delete it, but apparently ning(whomever they are) did a good job because there's nothing there. Vive la ning
I came (from email notice) to see what the full comment was but already found nothing there. I had already figured it was a spam of some kind.
I'm guessing Angel Desmond is just a nom-de-spam. However the name is probably borrowed from the Sweet Valley High series. Cliff, I don't know what you might find cute, but you'll probably be disappointed to learn that Angel Desmond was a fictional male character, the erstwhile boyfriend of another character called Tia!
Wiki lists Sweet Valley as "Young adult fiction" so I think we can infer that Mr Desmond is yet another adolescent script-kid with too much time on his hands, too much money to buy equipment, and too much pointless technical know-how.


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