Hey guys,

I installed my first K&K transducer pickup yesterday. All went well except the center transducer is a bit toward the bass side. I wanted to remove it and try again because the guitar sounds bass heavy.

What would be the best way to remove it? It's on with super-glue "gel"


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I use a razor blade with a back. If the bridge plate is hardwood and sanded smooth, I can get the blade between the transducer and the wood. But sometimes I get the blade under the transducer metal film and the transducer is destroyed...

Show us a picture; misplacing the center disc shouldn't make a whole lot of difference in bass response. Maybe something else going on [too].

When you mention it, K&K pickups always enhances the bass. Pretty perfect on treble rich parlor guitars, but not that great on big X-braced guitars. It's easy enough to reduce the bass on the preamp or PA.

Yes, it's a small parlor guitar. So the bass response probably doesn't have to do with the location and has to do more with the size of the instrument? If so I might just leave it alone. It's about 1/8" to 1/4" off toward the bass side.

Not the size of the instrument, the K&K pickup always gives some extra bass. On a parlor, that's a good thing.

Hi, if you are running them through a K&K preamp, you could try adjusting the trim pot.


yeah, probably nothing to do with the location of the center transducer

the K&K wants to see about a 1MΩ input impedance from the first thing it gets plugged into; anything higher than that (like a typical acoustic preamp) lets too much bass through


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