Why is there a hole in the headstock?  I have become infatuated with these guitars lately. Thanks, Tom.

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My assumption is a strap/cord?

yeah...  my guess would be a hole to enable hanging it on the wall with something, maybe a leather cord.

The strange thing is the lack of wear marks.

Lots of things may not get used for their intended purpose.    Seems to me I recall seeing some of these with a pair of tiny holes side by side at the top of the peg head, which would reinforce the thought of a strap, or cord.


You need my advice like you need a hole in the head.


LOL. Thanks. Love those little guitars!

why not show us the(w)hole thing ...what's so romantic about the back of head ? Teaser....nice pegs tho'!

Romantic Guitar Gallery

Tim, scroll down on this page to see two nice photo galleries. Cheers. Tom.


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