In His fine book on Classical Guitar Building, Mr. Bagdanovich references the use of a flush-cut, top-bearing, router bit, for routing out the tuner slots. He mentions the use of a 3/8 inch cutting diameter bit.

It would have to be a flush-cutting, top-bearing, bit having a cutting depth of about one inch for use with the tuner/peg-head template.

I've been searching all the suppliers that I'm aware of.  Nothing yet.


Does anyone know where I can get one???


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I've used the hand method a few times. Seemed like a lot of work.
I decided to use Bagdanovich's method. He mentioned using the 3/8 bit to clean out the slot.
I believe a 1/2 inch would work, but one would have to be more careful starting up the router.
forgot to mention. I finally talked to an Amana tool rep. He mentioned it was feasable to use the bit number 45218 and add bearing number 47751 with collar 47764. That way I would have a 1 inch cutting length.
Sorry Cam, I gotcha, I just use a router (use my overhead now) - its very quick and accurate and has no tear out. I use half inch Dremmel sanding drum to slope the nut end of the slots after the face plate is on. Rusty.
Thanks, Russ.
What an valuable resource, this forum is.
I appreciate your tip about the sanding drum.
I feel I've earned the right to occasionally use some modern type methods. I've learned most of the classic hand tool techniques (My arthritic hands attest to this).
Check this out, it could be a solution for your problem:
I've used the method several times for bridges too, and it works.
One further advantage: It's cheap :-)



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