I have a customers guitar that has a very dark tone, the darkest I have ever experienced. Rosewood in the bottom and sides may be one explanation. Sounds really good, but having dark sounding Thomastik strings may not be the best choice for this guitar. I know Elixir adds a plethora of artificial trebles, but I hate those strings. Is there a good and bright sounding string set out there I could recommend?

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Although they can have a shorter life span, they do ring out. My experience anyway.

Thanks. D'addario 80/20 Bronze Wound. Looks like the 80/20 are considered brighter searching the net.

Possibly try the Ernie Ball aluminium bronze? I've a customer who uses them with a thin pick, fast strumming, and they are super bright.

Thanks. Reading some comments about that string it may be the one best suited for the guitar :-)


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