Stiffening a square tube Martin neck with carbon fiber(ala Dan Erlewine): anyone else done it?

I have a '78 HD-28 in for a neck reset, and excessive relief.

The relief measures, under tension, on the fingerboard, .020" at the seventh fret.  With no tension, it measures .013".  Initially, I planned to straighten the neck with a compression refret(after fret removal and leveling the board).  However, the frets are in excellent condition, almost unplayed.  I'm wondering whether I can sufficiently straighten the neck(after removal) with the carbon fiber installation, and avoid a refret(probably do a dressing, though). Even if I still need to refret, the carbon fiber rod will greatly stiffen the neck.

Anyone besides Dan Erlewine(whose advice/demos are invaluable), also done this procedure?


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Am I missing something? If you remove the finger board, why wouldn't you just install a functional truss rod? Pulling the finger board is more work but having a working truss rod would be a plus.

Personally, I prefer doing a re-fret after a neck re-set. You'll be able to deal with your relief problem by sanding it out of the finger board, without removing much material and deal with any post re-set issues at the finger board extension.

I'm not removing the fingerboard. Dan Erlewine decribes a procedure where, once the neck is removed, a snug fitting carbon rod is slid into and epoxied into the square hollow tube.  It's clamped straight as this glue-in is done. The result is, as Erlewine describes it, a straight, and stiffer neck. I'd like to know if anyone on this forum has used this technique, and if it worked well for them.

Dave, You should really be asking the master of 70s  Martin neck resets Bryan Kimsey.

He has over 700 of these under his belt. I doubt that there are any problems at all that anyone could uncover  that Bryan would not know how to deal with. He is on Facebook as is easy to find.

    I  am pretty sure  he  does not do this work, so contacting him may be in order if you have questions.

Kimsey talks expressly about this job on his website, in the descriptive lists of repairs he frequently does.  There's a price list, too.  Great guy!


 Thanks Larry. I had not seen that repair... 

The question was posted over at the Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum too.

Some interesting responses here:


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