Strange embossed patch on my Martin O-16NY headstock

I was lucky to get a really fine '66 O-16 New Yorker from the State of Maine Martin Warranty guy...kinda a guitar whisperer who knew that I deserved that guitar, and called me years later when it came to him.

On the headstock, similarly lacquered in as is the Martin logo, is a square patch right between the string pegs of #3,#4.  It' a slot head.  See the picture.

I had heard this is where they designate a custom shop variation, but there is no marking...just a faintly raised patch.  Any idea what this might be?  I will probably ask Lawrence about it, but I wanted to open up a relationship with the folks here at FRET.COM.

The guitar is a dream to play, by the way.  Pure, loud, great fingerstyle with Silk And Steel strings..the nut is 1-7/8", which jives with my classical taste on the fingerboard.



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First, there was no custom shop in 1966. Second, Martin never put any designation there as someone suggested to you, and if they did, it wouldn’t be crooked. I strongly suspect there was a sticker of some sort on the headstock and the adhesive affected the lacquer under it. I’ve seen this effect many times.

Greg Mirken

..but welcome to the group, Colin :) 

Hi Colin, and welcome.  You have posed a good brain-teaser.  It looks like the face veneer is continuous across the whole headstock, so it is not grafted or patched in that area.  I think Greg's idea of a sticker that someone put on there is a good theory.  It was the 60's man, lots of groovy stickers. 

Thanks for the great replies.  The idea of a personal sticker that affected the Lacquer makes sense.  If factory created, I would assume they, at least, would put it on straight....

So glad to have joined... I had tried to join the Unofficial Martin group page, but something in the signup process failed and I found y'all...This page works, and deals with the real practical side.  


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