Nice video about guitars and wood usage....

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Thanks David. That was compelling. Seeing all those clear-cut forests makes me sad.

A very thoughtful and thought provoking film - While I am a card carrying member of Greenpeace and admire their initiatives and campaigns to preserve the forests that we depend upon for our lively-hood and pleasure I am also delighted to see big business making decisions based on sound marketing and reward that are compatible and workable with environmental protection.  Which is as it should be.

Sustainability and the assured supply of our prime guitar building wood should be everyone's business today so those that come after us will have somebody to thank.   Worth watching this film even for the most cynical.


If only we can stop the destructive "mad dash for cash" in time. I have my doubts I'm sad to say.

Yep Eric, the scales fell from my eyes years ago - the only things left in abundant supply in the world today is stupidity and greed.  

Paradoxically, it may well be the big end of town that realizes the gains to be had by investing in keeping quality resources to make a big buck down the track - thereby quarantining at least a bit of what is important. I don't have too much faith in the uber-capitalists doing the right thing, but I do have faith in the fact that they will fight viciously to protect something that makes them money.  

It may well turn out that the large Commercial Guitar Makers will own the last tree in the parking lot that so many places will/have become.


If this isn't the posterchild for crapitalism, I don't really know what is.  

The last of the great Sitka trees, literally 500 year old trees, being turned into Chinese toilet paper?  

By none other than a culture that used to value nature over everything else. Boggles the mind....

Thanx for the link , appreciated & interesting .


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