Hi everyone,

I have a few pedals in this same of them is a vintage piece with a very important serial number sticker. I'd like to protect the labels somehow and I'm not sure if a clear nitro is the best answer. Obviously I want something that won't harm the label itself. If I could somehow get something that was protective, yet removeable, that would be ideal but I'm not sure if that exists.

Anybody have any ideas or tricks that they use?

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Hi Pete.

I'd like to help you out but in my 50 years of playing, performing, doing production  & repair work, I've never heard this subject discussed.

Having worked along side professional archivists before, I suggest contacting an archiving specialty business as this falls directly under their expertise.

Good luck to ya :)

I think Paul's advice is very good. 

That said, you might look at that Frank did to remove and replace an old gibson label here.  It's not exactly what you are asking about but I think that it's possible that it will do the trick.

To quote any number of members: How about some pictures?

Referring to me? It's pretty straight forward, just a sticker label on the underside of a metal pedal...

OK, if you pedal has 4 feet, get a piece of transparent plastic made the same shape as the bottom of the pedal and mount it with the feet. You might need to get longer screws, maybe not.

Non invasive, kinda protective.


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