Hi my friends.

I've been toying with the idea of getting a Taylor GS Mini and using it as my main guitar.

I have tried them out at Guitar Center, but only for short periods of time, before I start

getting odd looks from management  :-)

I like them, but my question is, does anyone out there have one, and use it as their main guitar?

Or, is it really best as a travel or coach guitar?

For me to really know, I'd have to buy it, and they are not cheap.

Trying them out for 15-minutes at a time at each GC visit doesn't tell me the whole story.

Second question is, do you find them too cramped for an adult? (scale too short)

I'm a tall guy, buy don't have long or strong fingers, so that is why I started looking at them.

Thanks for any input.

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1.) Do you like the guitar?

2.) Does it play well enough for you to be comfortable using it?

3.) Is the sound pleasing to you when you play it?

4.) Does it meet your standards on build quality/price? 

5.) Do YOU think it will work as your main instrument?

6.) Do you want the guitar?

Only you can decide these things. There isn't any law written anywhere that I've ever seen that says that an adult must play a large guitar. A lot of recording stars, past and present, use smaller guitars at least part of the time. You couldn't even GET a large guitar until about a hundred years ago. Martin isn't selling $5000 size 5 guitars to children and they are a lot smaller than a Taylor GS mini.  If the guitar fits your needs then it what you need. 

 Personally, until you brought this up, I've never thought of any guitar as being off limits because the model is too small for an adult to use as a full time player. If it's what you like then get it and play it. Guitars like the Baby or the GS mini are often recommended for kids because of the size of the kid looking for a guitar not because they are are only suited for kids to play. 

IMO, anyone that would laugh at you for playing a small guitar is demonstrating their vast ignorance. I think that the people worth impressing are more likely to be dazzled by playing ability and style than the instrument you pull out to play.   

Sorry Arthur.

When you're asking for FREE expert advice based upon experiences from a bunch of pro's, you have to sit through some war stories.

To echo everyone's advice: if YOU like it, that's ALL that matters.

Here's the definitive answer you're demanding: YES, it would make a great 'sole' guitar but ONLY if YOU LIKE IT. If not, move on to another guitar.

Summary: it doesn't matter what others think about a guitar. It's going to be YOUR guitar and the ONLY thing that matters is that YOU enjoy it.

That's worth repeating: it doesn't matter what others think about a guitar. It's going to be YOUR guitar and the ONLY thing that matters is that YOU enjoy it.

This advice will also apply to ALL future guitar considerations. Please learn to understand and accept this fact. 

If you have technical questions about the GS Mini, call the Taylor Factory and they'll be happy to answer all questions about THEIR guitars.  We really can't help you anymore than we already have.


Thank you for the advice.

I really appreciate all the responses that I've obtained.

Thank you all for listening to me again.

very good advice from all

and I did like the Guitar Center stories also

cheers, from Massachusetts


Arthur, I've been on a mahogany guitar kick lately. I like them a lot and this one looks great!

the above photo was just a general stock photo

Attached are photos of the one I just bought!

Thanks again to all for the advice.


That's wonderful Arthur ! I known you've been looking for a long time.  On one of my infrequent visits to one of the local music chain stores, the only guitar I played that pleased me "out of the box" was a Mini GS just like this one. I haven't always been all that crazy about the sound (subjective) of the smaller Taylors but I've never had any major problems with their playability. In this case I also didn't have any problems with the sound.  I wanted to bring it home... as if I need another guitar.


Thanks Ned!
I have found the mahogany-topped version to have the best tone.
Looks great too!

I'm inferring a little here as I  am not familiar with the dimensions of the guitar, and I am not the world's greatest guitarist - but  will bang about on one for hours given half the chance. Now I am guessing that the Taylor is about the size of a parlor guitar and this is where I do have some knowledge,~( I hesitate to call it expertise). I play parlors by choice due to the tone, convenience and playability of these guitars. My current guitar of choice is a Slingerland May Belle from the 30's, it's small, loud and sings like a dream. Other then that I have a couple of pre Harmony Stellas which are beautiful. The fact that they are smaller is of no significance, I've seen them advertised as womens' guitars, but a lot of the old blues men used to play them and that is good enough for me.


The GS Mini has an extreme archback, and puts out more of a full size tone. The 23 1/2 scale is a bit short, but still manageable. I think there is an easy way to install a pickup too. 

It's an unusual beast, but a GREAT bargain at the $500 or so list price. It easily sounds much better than most anything else close that is brand new. 

My son has one and I've played it a lot. I really like it. I have fairly big hands  and I don't find the fingerboard to be excessively narrow like a Mostrite or a Rickenbacker.


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