A client wants me to repair a classical guitar that's got termites! I told him not to bring it back to my shop, but he insists to have it repaired, and want to pay me whatever I need to.

I really don't want to have it near my shop, but on the other hand Could it be repairable? Have someone here done a work like this?

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Bro share a photo PLZZ
I agree, we need pics.  But I want more.  I'd like to know the back story!
Perhaps checking in with a pest control company to see what the possible ramifications could be would be your best bet. I don't have an answer, but I would not be comfortable bringing termites into my house.

Termites are nearly everywhere, so if they're going to get you, they will, I guess. Right outside my kitchen window a giant cloud of swarming termites appeared yesterday, coming from an old stump in my neighbor's yard.


As to taking on the repair, I wouldn't hesitate for a moment. Something as little as a guitar can easily be isolated in the shop and termites murdered individually.


If you're really worried about it, I'll second the advice to check with local termite guy.  Maybe you could arrange to stick the guitar in a house that's going to be fumigated. . .

Haven't seen it, but it can't be too hard to have a pest exterminator treat the guitar and kill the little buggers.  Then it is a matter of how much damage has been done. 


Is it as bad as this?

This is a Benedetto guitar made from a sitka log which had been attacked by teredo mollusk, also known as shipworm.  These sitka logs were floated down to the sea in Alaska.  Teredo is notorious for boring into wooden structures that are immersed in sea water, such as piers, docks and wooden ships.  This guitar had a >$50k price tag, so your termited instrument might have enhanced value?


Mark M that Is Modern Art

No f-holes necessary...



How about closing it up in a spray booth, set off a bug bomb, and then check it after a day or so?


It's just an idea.  I'm not saying it's a GOOD idea...

I haven't seen the guitar yet, but I'll bring the camera tonight to his home to take detailed pictures of it. I'm thinking of having a pest exterminator to deal with the instrument first, and later on I can have it in my shop with more confidence. Let's see what's gonna be...

 Mark, thanks so much for posting that pic. I saw a thumbnail of it and always wondered what it was! Made my day! 


I bet the Bennedetto got a sexy/breathy voice like Astrid Gilberto! or at least Holier than thine


Well, after seen the guitar last night I was upset. The tunnels left by termites were incredibly large, they almost circled the whole body sides, and there were enormous worm holes all around. Sad...

To make things worse, it was an AWESOME guitar. Brazilian made, great-looking woods, a powerful, balanced sound...

There was no way to save that guitar. I told the owner to get rid of it immediately before the vermin gets his other instruments, so he hinted he could smash it onstage to give it a glorious finale.

I also told him to take a close look to his house and other instruments to prevent termites to appear again. At least he agreed to take better care of his collection, and gave me another instrument to fix. So, I'm still working with him.



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