I've always casually wondered where someone could get brad-point drills under 1/8" (as the need would arise from time to time).  

Then, a while back, I figured-out that a 3mm brad-point was .118".   OK, so that was at least a start.

A new Lee Valley catalog showed-up last week and... lo & behold... they carried three different fractional brad-point drills under 1/8".  Well hallelulah!  So I ordered two of each and now I'm sharing the info, just for the heck of it.

Item #07J02.05 ... 5/64" brad-point drill (.0781")  $3.70@

Item #07J02.06  ...3/32" brad-point drill (.0937")  $3.80@

Item #07J02.07  ...7/64" brad-point drill (.1093")  $3.80@

This might be old or redundant news to some,  but it sure was a treasure-find for me!  

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A while back i invested in their imperial set of hss lipped brad drills up to a half inch (i think) and these sizes were in there. They're great bits, and i only ever use them for drilling that really requires extreme precision. The lip grind on the spurs is delicate so its best to be careful with them, but they work beautifully.

SPI makes a wall chart listing drill bits by fraction, number, letter, and metric equivalents as well as appropriate tap size for each hole. I got one of these after seeing one while taking a machinist course at a tech school. It introduced me to a whole world of bit sizes I knew nothing about.

SPI Chart


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