Does anyone have a list of truss rod wrench sizes for specific manufacturers and models? 

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I don't have the sizes but the one I want is gone out of my allen set. I have made long handles of the most used but some one I don't know who had a good idea and changed the size of some. I have found some fenders with odd sizes evan!When I find one guitar with that size I don't have time to make a good one for me.


No, but if you go to Stewmac and search "Truss Rod Wrench Set" you will get a good idea of whats required, further pottering around the site will give most of the sizes for common rods (but, infuriatingly, not all - like 9/32 and the not-interchangeable 3mm vs 1/8th which is the source of many burred adjustment sockets and the PRS nut).  

If I were starting all over again I would just buy the/a kit and get it done with - trying to improvise just wrecks stuff and having to drive down to the local specialty tool shop every time a new one comes up costs too much time and money.

Hopefully some kind souls here who is more organised than I will have cataloged their wrenches -



No list but when I was starting out I purchased the complete Stew-Mac adjustor set and it was a pretty good start.

Some things that are missing:



Some other considerations:

The Fender wrench from SM has a ball end, not what I would want in so much as these can be easily stripped if the wrench is not a good, tight fit.

The small wrenches such as for G*bson, Taylor, R*ckenbacker don't always fit the cavity well or in other words the wrench is a bit too big for everything that I've encountered.

My SM set did not come with the 3/8th, straight or L shaped and although I am not sure if it should have my set came with two 5mm which I think was a mistake but I never asked SM to correct it and I am sure that they would had I asked.

The SM set does come with a nice adjustor for G*bson style tail pieces which is pretty useful.


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