Here's my latest two
First a seven string Flamenco negra
EIR back and sides
engleman top falcate braced Australian Red Cedar neck with Ringed Gidgee

And secondly my take on a Gypsy Jazz guitar
Australian Blackwood back and
Queensland Maple neck with Ringed Gidgee fretboard


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Very Very nice, Jeff! I particularly like the Jazz guitar.

Very nice ! I like the sound of the classical one very much. The guitarist plays well!

Thanks Guys,

Yes Jarrad plays very well, he is only 19 and normally plays steel string so the 7 string nylon beast was a challenge for him which he rose to.

They look and sound like very high class axes! Awesome work!

 Jeff it would be realy nice to see and here your new Instruments but my Comp.. is so dam slow that I can't get anything on youtube. But regardless of all my problems I am sure they will look very nice and sound Awesome. Good luck with all your builds.Bill..............

Beautiful sounding instruments Jeff.

Your Gypsy Jazzer sounds MUCH more full than the Dupont my dealer has at his store. Yours has such a sweet tone.

Kudos my friend & keep up the GREAT work (:


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