Hi friends:  My business partner, Dave Collins has been producing videos for our web site and I wanted to post a link to our videos page so that you folks might enjoy them too.


Ann Arbor Guitars Video Page

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Great stuff, thanks!  Tom

Very enjoyable. Got a few ideas there. The capacitor videos will be a good reference for my customers. Thank you.

Lots of good material there, guys!

I've been watching your videos and I am impressed! Thank you Hesh and a great thanks to Dave for sharing your vast knowledge of the art. I am a self taught luthier, using that term very loosely, who got into this mainly for my own instruments and those of my friends and other local musicians, I am truly overwhelmed at the generosity in which you share your great knowledge of the subject, I have learned many things from watching these videos! And learned why we do things a certain way. A little theory goes a long way!

You are very welcome Russell and thanks for the thanks too - much appreciated!

Yikes... I'll swap you a year of lawn-mowing & snow shoveling for  one of your saddle mills!!!

We like the mills too and especially like being all set-up with vac pump and a dedicated bench with a mill on it.  When we need to improve a saddle slot, say level the bottom for UST balance issues, etc. it's a several minute task to do.  Plugging and reslotting is a piece of cake too.  It takes all the drama out of the operations and that's a pretty welcome thing.

Thanks all - We're working on another series right now on humidity, it's effects on guitars, and tips for controlling it. May be a month or so before they're ready. I've been running controlled comparisons and taking measurements with various case humidifiers for a few weeks now, and will likely be another few weeks before I have enough data. 

Here's a teaser though, a little time lapse snippet of a top drying out.

That's astounding! 

... think I'll go check the humidifiers in my guitar cases right now... It's been a while. 


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