ever since i saw the the repair at i have been eager to try this. I have the opportunity but can't find the Butyl is there another name or brand name for this? where can i find it?

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Butyl Cellosolve is very nasty stuff. It works though. gloves and mask and good ventilation are strongly suggested. Here is a link:
thanks i found this as well. i've been reading that it pretty toxic stuff so I will take all precautions thanks. I was hoping to find it locally if possible at a commercial store. thanks again
I've had a hard time finding it in N. Michigan, plus I would have to buy a large quantity.

But I found that Lacquer retarder, which is readily available, can work about the same as butyl cellosolve.

Dude, like I'm hosting like a party this weekend , and dude this stuff sounds like pretty like rad....Like what is it and ,dude, how can I score some???....P.S. Like dude, I am totaly like a Lutheran or whatever you dudes call youself...
i do believe the feds check people out when they buy this chem it goes into a national data bass I have seen this first hand FYI cheers
FYI the feds check up on sales of the product this is y it is not for sale to just anyone I have had first hand experience Cheers I used to work for a chemist
I think a liter would last me years. I'll probably spray it with and air brush to minimize waste.
You can get that stuff from Stu- Mac
Cellosolve is a trademark. I find that regular lacquer "retarder" thinner works just about as well for my uses, and it's a good deal more available. Look for it where nitro and acrylic lacquers are sold.


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