If Frank says it's ok to post pretty pictures, I would love to see on-going and latest finished instruments here.

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That looks like a nice conversion, Bernie. I have an old Kay that I though about trying this way once but decided that:

1. I don't play mandolin that well or that often.

2. It is completely possible that the neck joint would not hold up to the tension. ( not to mention that there is not truss rod adjustment on the guitar.)

Your conversion looks like it was originally made that way, Nice work.

Thanks for the kind remarks. I wonder too how those non-truss basswood necks and pressed tops (Kay, Sears, Harmony, and who else) would do under mandocello string pressure -- they sure were wonderful old guitars though.  We may soon find out.   I have a couple of Harmony Monterreys in the basement and last winter I bought a Harmony neck with the two metal re-enforcement bars in it on eBay.  If I can just figure out out to craft the appropriate tenon part for the dove tail I might just give it a try.    There is not enough meat on the "new" neck so I am trying to build up the tenon by gluing layers of 1/16" mahogany - approximately right size --  in a parfait which I will then file and sand down to fit. Do not know if it will work or not.

Hand Carved Guitarzz Central valley Luthier

Central Valley Luthier

From 2007 to date I have been cutting walnut trees so I kept a few trees for acoustic guitars this is what I came up with ,#1 I couldn't afford any wood like it the price on this stuff is like $50 a board foot. to me that is money wasted when I live in AG central so here it is .The top is english walnut towards to top upper bouts of the guitar and fiddle back black walnut from just below the upper bout down this is the graft line where the rancher grafted english walnut and black walnut for a hearty sustainable tree with beautiful combination of wood . the sides are black and english mix also ,for the back I used walnut burl check that out . ERI finger board and bridge ,hickory binding the same stuff drummers use for drum stick hard as a rock .1 piece english walnut Neck 24 frets on a 25.5 inch fender scale length and nut width .Inside is true mahogany bracing that I tuned by hand bone nut bone saddle with great string action guitars like this and even more exotic if you Ask..

Grown,raised and Hand Carved right here in the central Valley CA.

you can call or text me to (209)222-7865

Images Hosted by

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 Here is my latest. This little article has really shaken up my little world in Prince George BC these last few weeks, AND Jason has asked me for a follow up story in another 5 weeks...

Published today!!!
I was working at Winnipeg's infamous Blue Note Cafe on Portage Ave. (the place that Neil Young played at and named his band after) in 1998 and had an hour to kill before work started. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and I took my '69 Gibson Dove with me to work so I could have an hour to myself a...



Seeing that we're all strutting our stuff.



Awesome axe!  You make this from scratch?  Love that notes on the fretboard!!!   Rave on!!! Ya gotta be a Buddy Holly man. 

I was living in Fargo North Dakota in February 1959 and I would have been at the Crystal Ballroom to see him and the other rockers but for the untimely crash.  The show went on but I did not attend after that.  He would have been the greatest and Elvis would have been second.  But it was not to be.  Rock On!


Michael, I'm not an electric guy but that looks great.

What I DON'T like is the clean work space. It makes me look bad!  I tend to have a "if I can't see it, I must not have one" approach to my work bench. Your's is a condemnation of my working style. ( I bet you actually get things done as opposed to spending a lot of time " making room". ) 

BTW, I like the inlays too but the guitar really looks great as a whole. Nice work. 


Hey Guys

Thanks for the kind word. Peace! Oh yeah, I did make this from scratch. Highly figured Birdseye Maple with Lindy Fralin pickups. These pickups are awesome. Quiet in all postions.


Pretty axe Michael.  Kudo's on the inlay.

Two "matter of style" questions:

Why did you choose that particular bridge assembly, and;

Why didn't you extend the frets to the outer edges of the binding? (I can't detect nibs in your photo).

BTW: I'm only curious. An answer of "Because I wanted to." will suffice (-:

Built this one kind of piece-meal. Rosewood back, Walnut sides, spruce top.  Something about the neck block I missed so It ended up a little tall, hence the detail under heel cap.  Just finished Nov. 2011


i strung this one up the day before Christmas Sapely back & sides Alaska sika top  Bill...........


Bill, that's beautiful. Maybe I'm showing my ignorance here but I've never noticed scalloped back bracing before. It looks cool!  Do you think it adds anything to the overall tone of the guitar?


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