Saw these today, would love the one on the right but I'm all spent out and 'Herindoors' wants the lounge decorating.

I hope they go to a good home.

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 I think I'd go with the decorating. . .

Achtung! Wenn „Defekt“ bedeutet, dass was ich denke, bedeutet es, bin ich mit Frank Ford auf diesem.  ;)

The one on the left looks like a Roger...designed and built by father of Roger Rossmeisl. Roger later designed the Rickenbacker Capri series. Would be a worthwhile purchase if so and priced right...

Fred, I am almost sure this is an unbranded Hofner. They did thousands like this one...

You are correct. I knew i saw that headstock shape somewhere (like on my Hofner bass...) I have to say I was fooled by the cats eye though it looked too cheap to be a decent guitar.

Yep, Looks a Hofner archtop.

Here's the late Archie Francis playing one I used to fix from time to time.

Here's a website for deciphering vintage Hofners:

Framus guitars often share features and parts with Hofners.

I can be a sucker for an old parlor but this one it too twisted and two broken to tempt me.  The way the body is racked from string tension.... 


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