Weld-on 16 seems to be the weapon of choice for fixing plastic binding, but I can't get it over here and Stewmac etc. can't ship it.  Tried epoxy, but I'm not happy with it, and clean-up is a nightmare.

Anyone got a good alternative for this?

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duco cement available?

Just checked the spec, it says:

A multi-purpose, nitro cellulose household cement.

Intended Use: Bonds wood, china, leather, glass, paper, ceramics, and metal.

No mention of plastic, does it stick ABS OK?

Are there stores "over here" that sell plastics?  There are many equivalent products.
I use an acetone based cement with essentially the same formulation that I have to buy at the autobody shop.  I actually like it better than the weld-it.  Seeing that I'm not in the shop, can't tell you the name, but the tube is white, and the lettering black and red.  Carried at O'Reilly.  Like 3.50 a tube.

If "over here" is anywhere in Europe, I think German glue manufactúrer UHU should have a glue for the job. Either "UHU Hart" or "UHU Allplast".




OK now we're getting somewhere. My German is enough to understand that UHU Allplast is for polystyrene models, and I have found an equivalent product to that in Ace.

(The only O'Reilly's here is a pub...I'll hold that thought for when I've finished.)

I use Ruderer L-530, it was recommended to me by Andreas Rall, a Luthier here in Germany. Works great! Just Google it, it's available from several sources in Europe, and not too expensive either, about €3 a tube.

Edit: I just found this link where you can check it out in English:


Final scores on the great ABS glue shoot-out:

PVC cement 0/10

PS cement 0/10

Slow epoxy 4/10 (works OK but tough to clean up)

Duco cement 8/10 (works well, very thin and dries too fast - but sticks well)


Thanks to all who replied - much appreciated. 

I think the plumber's glue used on PVC pipes would do it , but it's just a guess.
Yes, that was my guess too.  Trust me, it doesn't.


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