Hi, guys. Hope you're all busy!

On the bench, I have this J45 with a long crack. On the inside, you can see a section of the kerfing has also cracked and the rest of the crack runs right along the top of the kerfing. Looking for a few opinions on how best to approach it. As you can imagine, it's quite stiff, and difficult to get the two sides to mate properly. Thinking maybe a band clamp with some appropriately-shaped cauls to push the kerfed side of the crack into alignment? Cleating? Linen reinforcement?

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Just a quick follow-up. I've lost the photos I took of the reinforcement inside. I cut away three small sections of kerfing where the crack had run through it, and put small rectangular cleats in the gaps.

Filled the dents and various injuries with CA and shot a bit of colour to mask the edges of the crack, then shot a few coats of thin nitro.

That weird looking rash or whatever is just the reflection of my 1970s textured ceiling. :D


Looks like a perfect repair from the photo.


Hi Keith, job well done.



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